Carpark dance party

14 September
Enjoy a celebratory dance battle event featuring the city's newest ‘vehicle for change’ - Soul Defender – a 14-tonne ex-military truck which has been repurposed as a mobile music stage and performance artwork. This event will feature music for the soul and warm vibes for all to enjoy.

Place plan theme: Cultural Program
'To strengthen connections into and within the park.'

14 September

Mandalay Carpark

There are limited opportunities to engage with Haig Park, especially in winter. The Mandalay Bus has a dedicated community.

A bright, lively dance event in the Mandalay carpark could provide an opportunity to celebrate the existing community of patrons within the park’s vicinity.

Favourable outcomes

The event appeals to a young and engaged crowd, who have limited free opportunities in the city, increasing footfall and dwell time in Haig Park. The event contributes to a sense of possibility for the park’s diverse uses.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Carpark dance party’ news

Carpark dance party / Carpark dance battle update
Sunday, 14 July 2019 .
Steve Gow from QL2 Dance and Project Beats has been engaged as an event curator for this experiment. His expertise and networks will help connect the event with the existing dance battle community in Canberra and beyond.