Heritage signage

August - October
Ten significant trees in Haig Park will be chosen for a special signage project. Each sign has three sections - the heritage/environmental statement, the cultural statement, and a newly commissioned visual or written artwork responding to the tree. A tour route and map will be developed to promote the experiment. The project will be launched with a walking tour event featuring live performances.

Place plan theme: Heritage
'To conserve and respect the heritage values of the park.'

August – October


There is limited signage around Haig Park resulting in limited public perception of the park's heritage or envrionmental improtance. The diverse stories associated with the park are currently not told in situ.

A unique project to create more distinct, aesthetic heritage interpretation signage could improve comunity knowledge of the park's significance and communicate its rich history.

Favourable outcomes

A temporary signage project that provides information about heritage paired with unique artistic interpretations resulting in greater appreciation of Haig Park’s key heritage foundation- its trees.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Heritage signage’ news

Heritage signage / Heritage signage update
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 .
Interns from University of Canberra have been engaged to support the heritage signage experiment. The ten trees will be selected in late July by a local arborist.