Desire lines

July - December

Haig Park Experiments is exploring a variety of simple and effective improvements to desire lines in Haig Park such as path treatments, lighting, and signage. Desire lines (also referred to as desire paths) are worn tracks which generally represent a shorter or easier route created by pedestrians.

Place plan theme: Linkages
'To strengthen connections into and within the park.'

July - December


Desire lines can be found throughout Haig Park representing key transit routes for its users. Some of the paths are degraded due to weather and other factors which is particularly challenging for users with varying mobility needs. In other areas, paths are dark and walking may feel unsafe.

Improved surface and lighting of desire lines can improve protection for tree roots while improving the user experience and safety.

Favourable outcomes

Increased footfall, improved public perception and safety.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Desire lines ’ news

Desire lines / Desire lines update
Wednesday, 28 August 2019 .
We have received constructive community feedback regarding the first desire line trial in the Turner end of Haig Park using tanbark. A second desire line treatment is to be installed with a more compactable material at the other end of the park in the coming weeks.

Desire lines / Desire lines update
Monday, 15 July 2019 .
As with the running track experiment, the Turner Scouts have been engaged to help install light-touch improvements to make the desire lines in Haig Park even more attractive and useable.