Formal lighting

August - October, coinciding with specific experiments

Haig Park Experiments is exploring supplementary lighting options to improve the aesthetics and amenity of the park. Lighting will also be installed to complement the Desire Lines experiment and others.

Place plan theme: Safety
'To ensure Haig Park is a safe place to be.'

August - October, coinciding with specific experiments

Current lighting in Haig Park is basic and focuses on pedestrians. Limited lighting results in poor public perceptions of the park.

well-designed lighting solutions in key park areas can assist with improving amenity and appearance.

Favourable outcomes

Improved user experience and public perception of Haig Park. Results of experiment to inform eventual permanent lighting upgrades.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Formal lighting’ news

Formal lighting / Formal lighting installation 1 @ path between Greenway and Masson streets
Thursday, 06 June 2019 .
We will be trialling some temporary battery-powered lights near the Dog walking experiment and Desire line experiment installation 1 to make early evening dog walking in winter just that little bit nicer!