Kids pump track

July – December, activated with "come and try" events

Haig Park Experiments is trialling a bike skills track (with pump track elements) designed for kids aged 4 to 14. The track will be activated with "come and try" events and utilised at the Spring Carnival and Kids Movement experiments.

Place plan theme: Health and Fitness 
'To meet the recreational needs of the local community.'

July – December
17 August - Kids and Families Bike Riding Day, 10:00am-2:00pm
*Event details below

Turner Parklands

There is limited diversity of park users, especially amongst children and youths. Bike skills and pump tracks are in demand from younger demographics. There is limited formal play infrastructure in Haig Park.

A bike skills track/pump track could create more opportunities for healthy activity in the park for children and young people.

Favourable outcomes

Bike skills/pump track is used frequently and enjoyed by children and young people with their parents and guardians. Haig Park improves reputation as a destination, improving footfall and dwell time in the park.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

Upcoming ‘Kids pump track’ events

Kids pump track / Kids and Families Bike Riding Day
Saturday, 17 August 2019, 10:00 AM till Saturday, 17 August 2019, 14:00 PM.
Kids and Families Bike Riding Day - Turner parklands
We’re inviting kids and their families to bring their bikes and helmets for a fun-filled day at our temporary bike skills track. Enjoy a free tyres and brakes maintenance check, chat to local cycling organisations, book in for a bike riding safety session, and try a lap around the track! Non-regular bike riders are especially encouraged to attend.

‘Kids pump track’ news

Kids pump track / Kids pump track update
Monday, 19 August 2019 .
The Kids and Families Bike Riding Day attracted over 500 attendees on 17 August at our bike skills track. We would like to thank the Physical Activity Foundation for helping to organise the event and encouraging families to be active. Ride on!

Kids pump track / Pump track update
Sunday, 21 July 2019 .
The experiment infrastructure was well received by kids and their families at the Kids Outdoor Play Day.