Native plantings

September - December

Haig Park Experiments is testing flora diversification using raised garden beds in varying locations. A variety of foliage and flower types are being trialled in addition to different growing conditions. The plants are a mix of low-growing shrubs, groundcovers and grasses. All of these plants are either local ACT species, found naturally within the ACT area, or are a cultivated variety of a local ACT species.

Place plan theme: Biodiversity
‘To enhance Haig Park’s status as a green lung.’

September - December

Park locations:
1 planter box is located one the end of the formal path from Lonsdale Street on Henty Street , Braddon.
1 planter box is co-located with Nature Play near the Greenway and Bent Street junction, Turner.

Haig Park has limited native flora which affects the park’s ecosystem and public perfection.

Planting trials can improve the biodiversity and habitat potential. It also recognises the cultural significance of native environments.

Favourable outcomes

Greater biodiversity in park. Findings from the experiment to inform possible future plantings.

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