Park caretakers

June - December

Haig Park Experiments is engaging two casual employees as park caretakers who will be responsible for acting as park concierge, providing information about the park and the experiments as well as undertaking simple amenity tasks. Park caretakers will make the Art Cart available for use by community groups and provide supervision.

Place plan theme: Safety
'To ensure Haig Park is a safe place to be.'

June - December

There are limited face-to-face interactions provided to Park users for visitor information. The current cleaning and maintenance regime is also limited, resulting in poor amenity and public perception.

Park caretakers can be a flexible, multi-purpose solution to the need for information provision, cleaning, and visible signs of in-person care for Haig park.

Favourable outcomes

Greater awareness and understanding of engagement with the park and improved public perception.

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Park caretakers’ news

Park caretakers / Park caretakers update
Monday, 08 July 2019 .
Park caretakers have been enjoying regular shifts throughout Haig Park. Their duties have included meeting and greeting park users, handing out dog treats, restocking doggie bags (as part of the dog walking experiment), handing out popcorn on pedestrian paths, and giving general information to passers-by about the Haig Park Experiments program.

Park caretakers / Caretakers roaming the park
Wednesday, 05 June 2019 .
Find our caretakers roaming the park offering information on the experiments program, seeking your park stories, gathering your input and being a friendly face. Our caretakers will be based out of the depot in Braddon (on Henty Street near the end of the Mort St path) and check our social media to find out when they are on site.