September - October

Haig Park Experiments is commissioning a large, striking inflatable "bubble" that doubles as an artwork and events venue. The inflatable infrastructure will host a program of events while also supporting other experiments such as the Spring Carnival. Programming will range from smaller scale events like Laughter Clubs to more formal performance events.

Place plan theme: Infrastructure
'To enhance the function and use of the park.'

Launching in Mid-September
7 August - 19 August - EOI for BUBBLE Program Google Form 
*Event details below


There are existing groups and users wanting to utilise the park for events. There is currently no weather appropriate infrastructure.

A multi-seasonal flexible venue in Haig Park could better enable year-round use of the park.

Favourable outcomes

A high quality program of events cultivating Haig Park as an events destination, increasing dwell time, footfall and offering a "wow factor".

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This experiment will be updated as more details become available.

‘Pavilion’ news

Pavilion / Pavilion update
Sunday, 21 July 2019 .
Haig Park Experiments is excited to announce that acclaimed artists Golderg Aberline Studio have been commissioned to develop and produce this unique experiment infrastructure. It is expected to arrive on-site in mid-September. The “bubble” will play host to a varied program of events and activities.